We are an elementary school built around a belief that God is all about love - love for each other, love for our fascinating world, and love for having fun.

At North Star Christian School, we’re going beyond taking a stand against bullying. We’re actively teaching kids about empathy, emotional intelligence, and ways of navigating relationships with others. We’re learning to serve each other and our communities in ways that reflect God’s unconditional love for us all.

We’re opening the doors for students to explore the world that God gave us and combining that with high standards for academic excellence, because we believe that children’s natural curiosity can drive them to learn. The world is amazing and complex, and we want our students to be prepared to learn about it and everything in it, for the rest of their lives. We’re about engagement and getting our hands dirty in pursuit of deep understanding.

We believe that if school isn’t much fun then we’re doing something wrong. We value movement, laughter, and creativity; and we try to work that into whatever we do. Because we’re a small school, we can do that in lots of ways.